Phoenix Partners with San Diego Chargers for Charitable Event

Phoenix Private Wealth Management joined with Athletes for Education to co-sponsor the 2011 AFE Celebrity Golf Classic Event.

Athletes for Education (AFE) is a non-profit organization comprised of current and former professional athletes, entertainers, business and community leaders, developed to help youth help themselves by providing support and mentorship.

Phoenix’s hole sponsorship and on-site involvement at the Maderas Golf Club in Poway supported AFE in encouraging youth to reach life goals by developing self-confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, and discipline.

Phoenix is proud to be active in community outreach and strives to find mentorship programs and events that support and reward at-risk youth from disadvantaged areas, with the goal of establishing lasting life skills, that act as an investment in our youth and community.

Brett Hartvigson, CEO of Phoenix Private Wealth Management, was busy all day providing golfers at the senic 3rd hole with fresh lumpia and his wife Jocelyn’s Famous Bailey’s Irish Whiskey Bundt Cake.  Unconfirmed reports are that many of the NFL’s San Diego Chargers, like 2010 All-Pro Kassim Osgood, came back several times for multiple helpings!

For more information on AFE, please visit their website www.afefoundation.com


No Shortage of Electricity at Phoenix Investor Event

On Saturday, September 8th, 2011, Phoenix Private Wealth Management was proud to host dozens of guests for a special luncheon at Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crabhouse in La Jolla, California. Guests dined on filet mignon steak, grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and crabcake sliders while learning valuable insight from David Vasquez of Noble Royalties, LLC. Truluck’s famous carrot cake was the sweet end to an afternoon full of opportunity.

In case you missed it – don’t worry.  You can join us this coming Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at Truluck’s for another dynamic investor event.  Enjoy a similar complimentary lunch and take in some valuable and informative insights into today’s real estate market from John Grady of American Realty Capital.

Phoenix Private Wealth Management hosts select luncheons and seminars throughout the year to highlight current strategic partner offerings, give insight on current economic and market environments, and to assist investors in using the tools our firm provides to achieve their goals by utilizing our Triple Diversification Strategy.

If you are looking to partner with a trusted advisory firm to make tactical changes to your plan… Get Tactical.  Get Phoenix.

For more information, contact us at www.phoenixpwm.com.

Digging into the Jobs Report Data

by Brett Hartvigson

You probably heard that the job report last week was dismal, unless you were REALLY busy last week with Labor Day season doing one or more of the following:

  1. Cleaning your grill for the final burgers & dogs of the summer.
  2. Last-minute school-shopping for the kids (I secretly bought a Crayola 64-count box with the built-in sharpener for myself).
  3. Faking a hamstring injury so you could lay on the couch and take in the first full weekend of college football in HDTV.

I tried a combo of these three personally, but even this impressive combo couldn’t drown out the negativity of the job situation in the US.

The July report showed that we added ZERO jobs in July – and in this case, the mathematics here are actually ZERO = a negative number, not neutral. This is because we need 125,000 jobs a month added just to keep up with population growth.

I sat in on an advisor webinar earlier this week hosted by Rob Arnott, PIMCO mutual fund manager and founder of Research Affiliates, who noted that from 1948 until 1980, men who considered themselves to be ‘in the labor force’ (working or wanting work) equaled roughly 98% of the male population ages 20-64. From 1980 to 2005, this proportion fell steadily, from 98% to 92%. This is a span of 25 years. However, it took just six years, from then until now, to fall half this margin to 89%. STEEP.

Arnott went on to further cite BLS data that showed male employment averaged about 94% of the age 20-64 until the 1975 recession. Today it is 81%. Let’s assume that the old labor force ratio of 98% could, in fact, work. That means that male unemployment – including those who have given up on the idea of gainful employment – is OVER 17%. SCARY.

My wife decided to begin a career and went back to work in 2008 when our twin girls entered kindergarten – it got me thinking about female work dynamics and I decided to do some research yesterday in that area yesterday when a client mentioned “his generation – when the term housewife trumped Mr. Mom”. A decade ago, women in the labor force equaled 82% of the female population ages 20-64. Currently it is 78%, with most of that drop occurring in the past 2 years. If the prior peak of 82% was a generational “peak”, then we can peg female unemployment at 13%. SORDID.

Average these resulting numbers and we get a figure of 15% unemployment relative to past peak labor-force levels, if we include those who have just given up looking. And, if you look at other factors like including those who have had hours cut or are working part-time but WANT full-time you can easily arrive at a TRUE unemployment rate of 20%. WOW.

When I finished this research at the home computer earlier this week, the twins arrived home from their first day of third grade to find me slightly slumping in my work chair. “What’s wrong Daddy?” they chimed in unison.

“Well girls, without jobs, we don’t have paychecks. Without paychecks, we can’t buy stuff. And if no one buys stuff, companies have lower earnings. And if companies have lower earnings then their stock price goes down….”

“But Daddy, we saw you buy the crayons at Walmart last week!”

Darn kids – can’t slip anything by them…. thank goodness! Maybe they are right and we will be OK? Sure hope so…if not, at least I have the built-in sharpener to whip out a resume.


R.S.V.P. for Lunch at Truluck’s

We’ve scheduled two very special luncheons at Truluck’s in La Jolla. We hope you will be able to attend one of them.

The first is on Thursday, September 8th, 2011. We will be providing an overview of alternative investment strategies with our friends at Noble Royalties. We will compare how alternative strategies can act as a hedge against stock market volatility as well as strategies designed to provide a regular income.

The following Thursday, September 15th, 2011, we will provide a general overview of the markets and economy and discuss the concept of alternative investing. Material provided is for educational purposes only and is not an offer to buy or sell securities.  Such offers are made only to qualified investors, and after a financial suitability review.

Your RSVP is required. Please choose the lunch that most interests you, and call us toll-free at (855) GET-PPWM to reserve a seat for you and your spouse, friend or trusted associate.

Truluck’s (www.trulucks.com) is one of the area’s finest dining establishments. Each engagement is strictly limited to 50 guests. We look forward to seeing you.

8990 University Center Lane, San Diego, CA 92122

Space is limited • R.S.V.P. Required

Please call toll-free (855) GET-PPWM • (855) 438-7796
or CLICK HERE and reserve the date of your choice:

Thursday, Sept. 8th • Oil & Energy • 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Thursday, Sept. 15th • REITs • 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

From the Journal of Wealth Management Consulting

When Brett Hartvigson started his wealth management firm in February 2005, he knew full well that he was in uncharted territory. Indeed, Hartvigson had spent the previous 13 years earning commissions by selling insurance for a large firm—and knew virtually nothing about building an advisory firm based around providing independent, objective advice.

“It was a little new to me, and I realized I had to start on the right foot if I was going to succeed,” says Hartvigson, president of Phoenix Private Wealth Management in San Diego, California.

That’s why just one month after he opened his doors, Hartvigson entered Coaching the Affluent–CEG Worldwide’s coaching program designed to help advisors take their businesses to the next level. That decision, he says, has made all the difference. “John Bowen and the CEG coaches taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and a real advisor—they gave me the blueprint I needed to build my practice the correct way so I didn’t have bad habits or wasted motion,” says Hartvigson. “There is no way things would have gone so well for me if I had not had CEG to guide me.”

In particular, Hartvigson cites the program’s strategy of cutting back on accounts and working with only a small number of highly profitable clients. Once responsible for more than 6,000 accounts, he’s kept just 40 of his best clients at the new firm. And although most of those clients are retirees, he’s now using CEG’s unique marketing techniques to target a whole new group of affluent investors to whom he can bring tremendous value: Chief executive officers with complex financial needs. The result: “I’ve already taken on three new CEO clients as a direct result of CEG’s training, and together they represent 20% of my assets under management,” says Hartvigson.

Even more important, however, is the newfound level of confidence that the coaching program action steps for long-term success such as garnering additional assets from existing clients and forming a new partnership with a local tax attorney that has already generated a referral.

“Getting tutored by John Bowen has injected so much energy, conviction and passion into what I do that people can’t seem to help but want to be involved,” he says. “I really feel that I’ve learned from the best. CEG doesn’t just talk the talk—they walk the walk.”

But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the effect that Hartvigson’s professional decisions are having on his family life. Hartvigson used to wonder how to balance his jam-packed workload with the need to spend time with his wife and five daughters. Not anymore. “I’m truly enjoying the ride – independently operating my own firm is great, and I’m a happier person when I wake up each morning,” sums up Hartvigson.

“The future is limitless and I have no worries about having enough time or support for my family.”