Phoenix Private Wealth Management is an independent financial planning firm…why is this so critical to our clients?

The last thing our clients want or need is a financial advisor with sales quotas to meet, in-house products to push or sell, and a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Phoenix Private Wealth Management works solely and exclusively for our clients – not an insurance company, an investment corporation, or a banking wire house. Instead, we have access to hundreds of companies to find the highest-quality solutions, carefully screened and selected for their demonstrated strength and stability. This independent, unbiased approach allows us to tailor solutions and portfolios to our client’s unique needs.

Do you ever wonder whose side your investment advisor is on? Do you worry that they are looking after their own interests instead of your interests? Unbeknownst to many investors, most advisors are severely limited in their product offerings, are compensated to sell in-house products, and may have zero fiduciary responsibility.

At Phoenix Private Wealth Management, we are proud to be fiduciaries for our clients.  This means we have an absolute and legal obligation to put your needs ahead of our own.  We are a co-fiduciary for your investment and risk-management products.  Bottom line?  We are on your side.

Your success is dependent on having an independent and unbiased strategic partner like Phoenix Private Wealth Management on your team, instead of a sales representative or insurance agent, or commission-compensated advisor.